Technology services and solutions


Posinex Ltd is a leading commercial manufacturing & services company, delivering low cost POS hardware, cloud computing solutions and services to a wide range of industries.

Posinex is a leader in producing solutions that enable our resellers to market low cost POS systems, cloud computing solutions and custom programming without sacrificing quality or performance. All of our hardware has been ISO 9001 certified and UL tested and able to operate in the most demanding transaction processing environments. We also provide private label branding of our hardware and cloud computing solutions as a service to our resellers through our OEM programs. So whether our systems are being utilized in supermarkets and grocery stores or general merchandise and apparel retailers to transportation and hospitality, we have solutions to meet your technology requirements.


自1982年以来, Posinex是在导致使我们的转售者销售低成本POS系统,无需牺牲表现的质量的解答的一位领导。所有我们的硬件是被测试的ISO 9001被证明的和UL和能经营在最过分要求的交易处理环境里。我们也提供习惯烙记硬件作为服务给我们的转售者通过我们的OEM节目。